Business Process Automation

Access Automation has been working with client across a broad spectrum of industry providing technology-enabled business process automation for processes or activities or services that accomplish a specific function or workflow. Automated business processes are managed collectively to improve an organization’s overall workflow in terms of achieving greater efficiency and automation, adapting to changing business needs, reducing human error.

Cloud based Online Recruitment process

Access Automation provides customized solutions for “Online Application Submission and Processing”, a cloud based framework that has helped our customers in Government sector, Public and Private Sector Corporations to drastically bring down the recruitment cycle. “Online recruitment services” an e-recruitment solution to manage the pre and post processing activities of application is effectively developed by “Access”. It supports all the browsers.

Crew Management software

Rapid automated creation of efficient crew rosters. CrewMan is an optimization software application that enables the rapid creation of legal, highly efficient staff rosters whilst taking into account a wide variety of labour constraints and parameters. The system has been designed primarily for use within the transport industry where the rostering of on-board crew such as drivers and conductors is a manually intensive process with a large number of scheduling constraints and variables.